"Track your 3G" allows you in the most simple way to track the 2G/3G usage of your Android phone.
Just indicate your country, data credit, configure the notifications according to your needs and let it do the job.
The application provides you a gauge widget to let you know how much credit is left, and for Android 2.2+ devices (and as it seems for HTC 1.5+ devices) you'll also get per application 3G (and WIFI) detailed consumption. If necessary, applications can be manually excluded from the global 3G counter.


v0.2 (01/02/2011)

  • Per app stats can now be viewed since midnight, 24h, 7 days or since the last bill (menu > since)
  • The app now remembers the last ordering when you reopen it

v0.1 (19/12/2010)

First release of this app, but it is based on a solid full plan tracking app (voice, sms/mms, data) that is only available in France, Belgium and Switzerland. That app, "Suivi Conso Forfait" is currently being adapted for USA, Canada and UK, and is currently rated 4.5 on the market (+240 votes, 3000 downloads).
Per application 3G traffic works on all 2.2 Froyo devices, and has been tested on a HTC 1.6 device. It doesn't work on 2.1 Galaxy S but works fine on 2.2 Galaxy S.
Other manufacturers phones prior to Froyo might work but weren't tested.
Global 3G tracking works on all devices running Android 1.5 and more.


The application is available on the Android Market for the cheap price of 0.79€ free ;) , which gives you as usual a lifetime of upgrades. Click here from your Android Phone to access it directly on the market.

Look for "Track your 3G" on the Market, or scan this QR code :




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Configure your plan

Press Menu > Configuration 

Press "Configure my plan" 

Select your country, if it isn't automatically done by the application, to get the right currency for your overrun cost.
Select your billing cycle start day. The stats will be reinitialized each month at the selected day.

Check the "Unlimited Data" checkbox if you are not billed for overconsumption (fair use).
Enter your data credit in MB, and if applicable enter your billing steps, and cost by step.
In case of overrun, the application will estimate its cost based on those informations. 

The "Billing every 30 days" has to be checked if you are... billed every 30 days instead of each month. 

Once done, press back to go to the main screen. 
Notice that all stats start from zero at installation, since Android doesn't keep a history of data consumption. 


Configure your notifications

Go to the Configuration menu (Menu > Configuration), then press "Configure my notifications"
Adjust thresholds to meet your needs.

By unchecking the "Display the gauge in the notification bar" box, you'll prevent the notification to be displayed, whatever is your consumption level. 
If the box is checked, you can adjust the percentage of consumption that will put up the notification, using the appropriate slider.
You can adjust a secondary display level used in case of overconsumption (when your percentage of consumption is higher than the percentage of your billing period).

You can as well adjust the overrun notifications to be warned the way that fits you : 



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