what is portalguard?

portalguard is arcadia's new tool for password reset and will soon fucntion as our new single sign-on (sso) tool. portalguard will provide faculty, staff, and students a secure and easy way to reset passwords and will help add an extra layer of security to user accounts.

adopting portalguard as our new tool helps us unify our account management and security tools, making account management easier for our community. portalguard will be replacing our existing tool, cas.

the migration to portalguard sso will occur over two dates:

  • wednesday, july 15
  • wednesday, july 29

to access these systems after the migration, you need to be enrolled in portalguard.  if you have enrolled in this new password reset tool, you are all set! if you have not already done so, please click the button below and use your arcadia username and password to enroll.

not enrolling in portalguard prior to the cutover will result in the inability to access these systems until enrollment is complete.

register for portalguard     portalguard registration instructions

frequently asked questions

how do i register?

to register, please visit //portalguard.arcadia.edu

what do i need in order to enroll for portalguard?

you will need to provide a personal email address that will function as a secondary recovery email address. this email address cannot be another .edu account. you will also need to set up five security questions during this process. the security questions will be used during the account recovery process in the event that you are unable to access your account or need to reset your password.

why do i need to use a non-edu email as my secondary email address?

this secondary email account is used in the event that you are locked out of your account or need to make changes to your arcadia university account.

i don't have a non-edu email, i use my arcadia email for everything. what do i do?

in the event that you do not have another email address, we suggest that you take a moment to set up a new, personal email address. there are multiple services that offer free, secure email accounts that you can sign up for. 

why do i need to set up five security questions?

security questions are used in the event that you need to recover or reset your password. they add an extra layer of security and help our system confirm your identity prior to allowing a password reset.

what is single sign-on (sso)?

single sign-on (sso) is a secure method of using a single account to authenticate across multiple systems without the need to sign in multiple times. using an sso solution helps limit the number of credentials that we need to manage and memorize, and in turn, helps eliminate the need to write down passwords. you currently encounter this each time you login to my arcadia, arcadia email, canvas, etc. through our service cas. 

what is a onetime passcode (otp)?

a one time passcode (otp) is a single-use code that is sent to your secondary account as a validation tool during the registration process.

i didn't get an otp email, where did it go?

make sure you are checking your secondary email account for this email. if it is not in your inbox, check your spam folder!